• Vaccines/Immunizations – Get them and get them on time. Please know that Dr. Sprenkle and Dr. Buchholz do share and understand the concerns you may have as a parent. They are parents as well. However, this is an area of medicine that they feel very strongly about. We know that immunizations have received a great deal of attention, both positive and negative, but we believe they are of vital importance in your child and every child’s health. We wish that every child would be completely immunized and that every child around the world would have the opportunity to be immunized. We understand that parents have a choice on whether to immunize their children; however, we will only see patients who are fully immunized or are currently following the recommended CDC schedule. We will not be participating in alternate schedules as they are schedules that are someone’s best guess about how to be protected, not studied by the best and brightest minds and researchers in our country. We believe that following an alternative schedule may not only be harmful to your child, but to all children. Please know that our children are fully immunized on time and again, we would not recommend anything for your children that we have not done for our own.
  • Rx refills and forms – We always to try (and are usually successful) to get these done in a timely manner. Please plan ahead and we ask that you give us a 48 hour notice. We now have the link to the most common forms online so it will speed up the process if you fill in your part ahead of time. We have many of these on a daily basis.
  • Referrals – There will be times where your child might need a referral to a specialist, therapist, etc. We will get these out the door as quickly as possible and most of the time we (and you) are waiting to hear from the other office. If you haven’t been contacted by their (or our) office in about 7-10 business days, please let us know. Some referrals/specialists will take a little longer than others. Also, it is extremely important that you know or will review your insurance plan to know which health care providers are on your plan/in your network and whether you need a referral. This information will change often so we recommend that you stay informed.. as it can be costly, if not.
  • Cancellation/No-Shows – We know things come up and you may need to cancel or reschedule your appointment; however, please give as much notice as possible. We do our absolute best to not overbook appointments, so if you do not come, another child may not get to be seen.  Also, we will do our best to remind you of your upcoming appointment, so please try to come on time or cancel if you are not coming.